Which Teeth Whitening Methods do Dentists Provide?

Venus White Personalized Professional Whitening


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Our teeth can discolor through the years as our enamel wears down. The wearing down of enamel allows dentin, a yellow color substance that makes the core of our teeth, to show through. This is what gives our teeth a yellowish tint. Teeth whitening helps restore teeth to a shiny white color through the use of bleach.

Teeth whitening methods:

There are two popular teeth whitening methods available through your dentist. The first, in-office teeth whitening, produces a significant color change in your teeth in a short amount of time, usually within an hour. The procedure is done at the dentist's office by applying a high-concentration peroxide teeth whitening gel after your teeth have been protected with a special shield.




The second method, involves the use of take home teeth whitening kits. These whitening kits are purchased from your doctor for use at home. The strength of the peroxide gel used in these kits is lower than that used for in-office bleaching, and thus the gel can be applied for longer periods of time. Usually the trays are worn a couple hours a day or overnight for a few days or weeks depending on the product.



Its best to consult your dentist to understand which teeth whitening method is best for you.

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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?
Teeth whitening varies in cost depending on the severity of the staining and the teeth whitening method (in-office vs. at home) selected by the patient in partnership with their dentist. Kupchik Dental offers affordable and professional teeth whitening for patients in New City, West Nyack, and the surrounding areas.

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